Know about Saran District:

Saran District is one of the 38 districts of Indian state of Bihar. This district is part of Saran Division, is otherwise called Chhapra as well after the headquarter of the district, Chhapra. It is viewed as one of the most most prosperous Zamindari of Bihar after Raj Darbhanga, Hathwa Raj, Bettiah Raj, Raj Najarganj and Saran Raj.

The history of Saran district is accessible in Ain-E-Akbari records Saran as one of the six Sarkars( Revenue Divisions) comprising the territory of Bihar, At the era of award of Diwani toward the East India Company in 1765, there were eight Sarkars including Saran and Champaran.

Later, these two were combined into a single entity known as Saran. Saran was included in Patna Division when the Commissioner's Divisions were set up in 1829. It was isolated from Champaran in 1866 when Champaran was comprised into a different district.

Saran was then part of Tirhut Division when it was made in 1908. Saran, Siwan, and Gopalganj were the district's three subdivisions at this point. In 1972, all 3 subdivisions of the Saran area turned into a separate district. Chhapra is still the headquarter of Saran district.

Saran district has three Subdivisions, 20 Blocks and 1807 villages.

  • Chhapra
  • Marhowrah
  • Sonpur
  • Amnour
  • Baniapur
  • Chhapra
  • Dariyapur
  • Dighwara
  • Ekma
  • Garkha
  • Ishupur
  • Jalalpur
  • Lahladpur
  • Maker
  • Manjhi
  • Marhaura
  • Mashrakh
  • Nagra
  • Panapur
  • Parsa
  • Revelganj
  • Sonpur
  • Taraiya