Know about Katihar District:

Katihar turned into a full fledge district when it was separated from Purnia in 1973, Katihar town is the administrative headquarter of the district. Katihar is the part of Purnia division.

It is said that Hindu God Shri Krishna came here and lost mani here in Manihari (a religious place of Katihar district). The area covers 4 significant rivers Ganga, Koshi, Mahananda and Righa.

Katihar is one of the district in Bihar who touches the boundaries of 2 states which are West Bengal and Jharkhand.

Katihar district is located in the fields of North Eastern area of Bihar State, encompassed by Purnia district (Bihar) in the north and the west, Bhagalpur district (Bihar) and Sahebganj district (Jharkhand) in the south and Malda district and Uttar Dinajpur district (West Bengal) in the east.

Katihar District comprises 3 Sub-divisions:

  • Katihar
  • Barsoi
  • Manihari

The 3 Sub-Divisions further divided into 16 blocks: Katihar, Korha, Falka, Sameli, Barari, Kursela, Pranpur, Hasanganj, Dandkhora, Mansahi, Barsoi, Kadwa, Azamnagar and Balrampur, Manihari and Amdabad.

Major Crops in Katihar District

Maize, Wheat, Banana and Rice are major crops of this district. The area is additionally great producer of Green Vegetables which is overwhelmed by Potato, onion and Cauliflowers.

Katihar District Profile

  • Major Highways:NH-31, NH-81, NH-131A
  • Lok Sabha:Katihar
  • Vidhan Sabha:Katihar, Kadwa, Balrampur, Pranpur, Manihari, Barari Korha
  • Vehicle Registration:BR-39