Know about Darbhanga District:

Darbhanga, the Heart of the Mithilanchal. Darbhanga district is one of the thirty-eight districts of Bihar state, and Darbhanga city is the administrative headquarters of this district and is also the 5th largest city of Bihar. Darbhanga district is located in the historical Mithila region.

Darbhanga district is a part of Darbhanga division. The district is bounded by Madhubani district in the north, Samastipur district in the south, Saharsa district in the east and Sitamarhi and Muzaffarpur districts in the west.

In the year 1972, Madhubani and Samastipur subdivisions were upgraded as independent districts and then the remaining Darbhanga district has two subdivisions, namely Darbhanga Sadar and Benipur which altogether comprises 12 development blocks.

Darbhanga District is famous for -

This district is famous for the trade of fish, mango and makhana. Its educational institutions are Chandradhari Mithila College, Chandradhari Mithila Science College, Darbhanga Medical College, Women's Institute of Technology and Darbhanga Engineering College and various other institutions.