Know about Samastipur District:

Samastipur is one of the 38 districts of Bihar in India. The district headquarter is situated at Samastipur. Samastipur turned into a district in 1972 when it was parted from Darbhanga district.

History of the district

Prior, Darbhanga was governed by the Oinwaras (1325-1525 Promotion.), additionally frequently called as the Kameshwara Thakur or Sugauna Administration.

Around then the entire Mithila area was under the Muslim rulers. The Oinwara Line is notable for its help of inclining and expressive arts. The period saw of a few popular researchers gadadhara, Sankara, Vachaspati Mishra, Vidyapati, Amartakara and Amiykara. Kameshwara, the organizer behind administration, was occupant of town Oini, close to Pusa Street, in the Darbhanga district. Around then of Hazi Ilyas of Bengal separated the Torhut locale into two sections specifically the southern piece of the district was under Hazi Ilyas while the northern piece of the district under Oinwaras.

The first name of the Smastipur district was Shamsuddinpur, which was established by Hazi Shamsuddin Ilyas. In the year 1976, Samastipur was arisen as a different district in the guide of Bihar, when it was parted from Darbhanga district.

Geography of Samastipur

Geologically, the district lies at 25°86'N scope, 85°78'E longitude and 36 m Elevation. In the year 2021, there was an all out 5.31% backwoods area of complete geological region. The district involves a geological area of 2,904 sq. kms. also, it is limited by Muzaffarpur district on the North West, Darbhanga district on the North East and East, Patna district, Begusarai district and Khagaria district on the South and Vaishali district on the West.

Various rivers that go through the district are Budhi Gandak, Baya, Kosi, Kamla, Kareh and Jhamwari, and Balan, which are both branch-offs of Burhi Gandak.

Religious significance of Samastipur District

The district has some temple that appeals to various travelers from all the nation over. Mannipur Temple of Samastipur town has been given to the Goddess Durga. Individuals from far distance place arrive at this temple to offer their requests. The Thaneshwar temple, arranged in the focal point of the town is committed to Shiva, Rama, Ganesha, Hanuman, Shani, and Kali. Khatu Shyam Mandir, a temple of Ruler Krishna is situated in the district. During the event of Janmashtami explorers from various locales arrive at this temple to love. Baba Khudneshwar Dham, 16 km from Samastipur is a temple of Master Shiva.