Know about Purnia District

Purnia District is one of the 38 districts of the Indian territory of Bihar. The city of Purnia is the headquarter of this district. Purnia district is a part of Purnia Division.

Purnia district has four subdivisions: Purnia Sadar, Banmankhi, Baisi and Dhamdaha. They are further divided into fourteen blocks:

  • Purnia East
  • Kasba
  • Jalalgarh
  • Krityanand Nagar
  • Srinagar
  • Banmankhi
  • Dhamdaha
  • Barhara Kothi
  • Bhawanipur
  • Rupauli
  • Baisi
  • Baisa
  • Amour
  • Dagarua

Interesting Facts about Purnia

The city of Purnia has proceeded with its practice of hoisting the Indian flag at 12:07 am on each Independence Day since the year 1947.

The story behind the name Purnia

The name Purnia is derived from Purna-Aranya which means total wilderness. The region was forested for a large part of the hundred years and consequently, it was named hence. Other rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that the name is derived from the word Purain which implies Lotus, the bloom that fills plentifully in Kosi and Mahananda streams. The name of Purnia could likewise have been inferred structure the 600-year-old Mata Puran Devi sanctuary which is situated on the edges of the city today.

Geography of Purnia District

Purnia has an area of 3,202 square km and is situated in the northeastern piece of Bihar. The Purnia is located on the bank of the Kosi River. The land toward the west of Kosi is a sandy tract from the alluvial stores of the Kosi River due to frequent course changes of the river. The coordinates of Purnia is 25.78°N and 87.47°E. And the climate temperature ranging from 5°C in the winters to 30°C in summers.