Know about Madhubani District:

Madhubani district is a district in the state in Eastern Bihar. This district comes in Darbhanga division and headquarters of the district is Madhubani city. Madhubani district is famous for its diversity, art, and cultural heritage, and is called the "Capital of Mithila".

The newly created district of Madhubani, established on December 1, 1972, was carved out of the old Darbhanga district as a result of the reorganization of districts in the state. It was formerly the northern subdivision of Darbhanga district surrounded by a hilly area in the north and bordering its parent district Darbhanga in the south, Sitamarhi in the west, and Supaul in the east.

Madhubani largely represents the center of the region once known as Mithila and the district has maintained a district identity of its own.

Madhubani district consists of 5 subdivisions and 21 blocks. Laukha is a very old border town and a community development block in Madhubani district of the Indian state of Bihar. It is close to the border with Nepal and the Nepalese city of Thadi.

Laukaha - The Trade Route

Laukaha in Bihar and Thadi in Nepal are a part of the agreed route for mutual trade between India and Nepal.