Know about Araria District:

Araria district is a district in the state of Bihar, India. Araria is its headquarters. This district is in the north-eastern part of Bihar and its northern borders are adjacent to Nepal. It is part of Purnia division. This district has been the birthplace of famous Hindi litterateur Phanishwarnath Renu.

The district has an area of ​​2830 square km. The view of Mount Kanchenjunga can be seen from here. There are total 2 subdivisions Araria and Forbesganj and 9 blocks in this district.

In 1964, the present-day area of ​​the then-Purnia district became Araria subdivision. Araria district became an administrative district under the Purnia division in January 1990.

How did Araria get the name?

During the British era, the area where Mr. Forbes' bungalow was located was called the "Residential Area", which was abbreviated to R Area. Over time the Araria district acquired the name Araria pronunciation.

Geography and Agriculture of Araria District

Araria district has an area of ​​2830 square kilometers. The main rivers of Araria district are Kosi, Suvada, Kali, Parmar and Koli. The economy of Araria district mainly depends on agriculture. The main agricultural production of this district is paddy, maize and jute.