Know about Saharsa District:

Saharsa district is a district of Bihar state located in the east of the Kosi River. The administrative headquarters of the district is situated at Saharsa city. On 1st April 1954, the Saharsa district was raised as a different district in the guide of Bihar state. In the past Saharsa district was the piece of the Bhagalpur Division. At the earliest reference point, the district had no autonomous status and a few of its parts were remembered for the old districts of Munger and Bhagalpur.

The district is partitioned into 2 sub-divisions, specifically Saharasa Sadar and Simri Bakhtiyarpur. There is only 1 Lok Sabha seat and 4 vidhan sabha seats in the district. The authoritative language in the district is Hindi.

On the 2nd October 1972, the Kosi Division was made which contained Saharsa, Purnia, and Katihar districts with its headquarters situated at Saharsa. The Saharsa district got its name from the term 'saharsh' signifying 'extraordinary delight'.

Geography of Saharsa District

Geographically, the district lies at 25°88'N scopes, 86°60'E longitudes and 41 m. Height. In the year 2021, there was a complete 2.04% forest area of over all region. The district envelops a geological area of 1,687 sq. km. what's more, it is limited by Madhubani district on the north, Supaul district on the north east, Darbhanga district on the north west, Khagaria district on the south and Madhepura district on the west. The Locals of the district experience outrageous blistering during the summers. The majority of its precipitation happens in the storm season. The real precipitation in the district was 1399.6 mm in the extended time of 2021-22.

Visiting Places and Temples in Saharsa District

The district has various vacationer destinations of strict and verifiable significance which draws in numerous explorers from the nation over. Tara Sthan, arranged a good ways off of 16 KM at the Mahishi town is an exceptionally devout spot where one can tracked down an old temple of Bhagwati Tara. Devotees from wherever arrive at this temple to offer their prayers.

Chandika Sthan situated at Biratpur town of Saharsa district is a notable old temple of Goddess Chandi. The name of this town is additionally referenced in the great Hindu epic Mahabharata. Sun Temple situated at Kandaha town has been appropriately perceived by the Archeological Survey of India is an additional standard strict and authentic spot.