Know about Siwan District:

Siwan is a popular district in Bihar and is situated in the western region of the state. Since 1972, Siwan district is the part of Saran Division. Before 1972, Siwan was a Sub-division of Saran district. Later in 1972, Siwan was separated from Saran district and formed as a new district. This district's administrative headquarters is in Siwan town. Siwan is divided into 2 sub-divisions, 19 Blocks.

Aliganj Siwan was another name for the district, named after Raja Ali Bux Khan. Siwan district is well known in history and mythology. Siwan is the district where Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, was born.

Boundaries of Siwan District

The district is surrounded by the Saran district on the east, Gopalganj on the north, Deoria (Uttar Pradesh) on the west and Balia (Uttar Pradesh) on the south.

Agriculture in Siwan District

Agriculture is the foundation of the economy in the district. The overall cultivable region that is utilized in an agricultural year takes up 72.6% of land inclusion. Aside from this, the GDP of Siwan is the tenth biggest in Bihar.

Geographical information of Siwan District

  • Geographical Area:2219 sq. km.
  • Location:26.22°N 84.36°E
  • Lok Sabha:Siwan, Maharajganj
  • Vidhan Sabha:Siwan, Jiradei, Darauli, Raghunathpur, Daraundha, Barharia, Goriyakothi, Maharajganj
  • Vehicle Registration:BR-29