Motihari: A City of History and Culture

Motihari, the headquarter of district East Champaran, a well known district in state of Bihar. Motihari has an important role in the Satyagraha movement. Motihari was the place from which Mahatma Gandhi started the movement.

Motihari was constituted as a municipality in the year 1869. The city trades oilseeds and has sugar milling and cotton weaving industries. The city has a few universities affiliated with the B.R. Ambedkar Bihar University.

Prior to 1st Dec 1977, there was a single district called "Champaran". 1st Dec 1977, the district was divided into 2 parts called (Purvi Champaran) East Champaran and (Paschimi Champaran) West Champaran. Bettiah became the headquarter of West Champaran and Motihari became headquarter of East Champaran.

Motihari is situated 165 KM away from Patna, which is capital city of Bihar and around 80 KM from Muzaffarpur which a well known city in Bihar. Muzaffarpur is famous for "Sudha Milk Dairy" and "Litchi".

Motihari is divided by a jheel called "Moti-Jheel". There is a bridge which connects both the parts of town. On this bridge there are open markets of cloths, fish, plastic items which are available at low cost. Meena Bazaar is a hub for all types of market, ie. electronics, cloths, kitchen items, fruits, vegetables etc.

Lets move to education system in Motihari. Motihari is the second choice for students after Patna in Bihar. Motihari has numerous number of coachings, tuition centers, colleges with high quality of education. Munshi Singh college, L.N.D. College, Zila School, Mangal Seminary are some government institutions which are first choice of students of Motihari.

Moti Jheel is the heart of Motihari. This is a small lake and which divides city in 2 part. Residentials and commercial buildings are placed on the bank of lake. In the lake fishermen and boating scene can be seen all the time.

Places to explore near Motihari

  • Sangrahalay Gandhi: It has in plain view a variety of photos and relics of the Champaran Satyagraha.
  • School that Gandhi Ji Established: This school situated in the towns of Barharwa Lakhensen and Madhuban are among other significant locales of interest near Motihari.
  • Kesaria Stupa: There's a stupa at Kesaria close to Motihari, which is supposed to be the tallest and the biggest Buddhist Stupa in the world. The Archaeological Survey of India carried out excavations that led to its discovery in 1998. The Stupa's level is 104 feet. However, it is one foot taller than the well-known Borobodur stupa in Java.
  • Someshwar Nath Temple: The famous temple is situated in the town of Areraj which is a little bit away from Motihari. The Shiv temple is a popular destination for pilgrims. Numerous old god goddess stone sculptures are kept and worshiped by devotees.

Motijheel - A scenic lake in Motihari city

Motijheel is the centre of Motihari and also this beautiful small lake divides the city into two parts. There is a bridge on this lake which serves to connect the two parts of the city. You can see the sight of boating in this lake anytime. On this bridge, there are open markets for clothes, fish, and plastic items which are available at low cost.

The geographical boundaries of Motihari

  • North - Nepal is in the Northern direction of Motihari.
  • Souht - Muzaffarpur is in the south of Motihari.
  • East - Sitamarhi and Sheohar are in the eastern direction.
  • West - Gopalganj touches the western part of Motihari.

Climate of Motihari

The weather in Motihari remains the same as in other cities in North India.
  • Spring -The month of February and March is the pleasant season of the year. There are warm days and cool nights in these months.
  • Summer - For Motihari, April to June are the hottest months of the year.
  • Rainy - July to September are rainy (Monsoon) seasons in Motihari.
  • Winter - The effect of winter in Motihari lasts from October to January month.

How to Reach Motihari?

Motihari is one of the famous cities of Bihar. If you want to reach here from any corner of Bihar, then it is very easy for you. By the way, there is no rail route from the capital city of Patna to Motihari. However, if you want to come to Motihari by road, then NH-27 connects Motihari to Patna, from which you can reach Motihari from Patna in 4 hours. You can use the rail route to come to Hajipur from Patna and then reach Motihari from there.

If you are looking for possibilities of coming to Motihari from outside Bihar, then also you will not have any problem.

By Air route to Motihari

The nearest airport to Motihari is Patna, the capital of Bihar, which is about 150 kilometres away. There are daily flights to Patna from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bangalore, and Chennai. You can reach Patna by air, and from there you can reach Motihari via the road route by taxi or bus.

By Rail Route to Motihari

Many superfast and express trains from cities like New Delhi and Mumbai pass through Motihari. Some trains run on a daily basis and some trains run a couple of days a week. Some of the main trains connecting New Delhi to Motihari are as follows

  • SaptKranti Superfast (12557/ 12558)
  • Champaran Hamsafar Exp
  • Sadbhawna Exp
  • PBR Motihari Exp
  • MFP Garibrath

Some of the main trains connecting Mumbai (Bombay) to Motihari are as follows

  • LTT-RXL Antyodaya Exp
  • Avadh Express

Villages in Motihari

There are about 72 villages in motihari subdivision -

# Village Name Gram Panchayat
1 Arazi Sirsia Tola Machhaha Sirsa Mal
2 Bairia Chandrahiya
3 Bankat Chandrahiya
4 Bardaha Bardaha
5 Bariyarpur Bariyarpur
6 Barkurwa Amar Chatauni
7 Barwa Barwa
8 Basantpur Ram Singh Chhatauni
9 Basantpur Tola Babu Ram Singh Chhatauni
10 Basantpur Tola Banra Amar Chatauni
11 Basbita Nawrangia
12 Basmahpur Agarwa Gorhwa
13 Basmanpur Basman Pur
14 Baswaria Pataura
15 Bedia Sirsa Mal
16 Bharaulia Ram Singh Chhatauni
17 Bheriharwa Amar Chatauni
18 Chararhiya Chandrahiya
19 Chhatauni Amar Amar Chatauni
20 Chhatauni Ram Singh Ram Singh Chhatauni
21 Dharmuhan Rulahi
22 Dhekaha Dhekhan South
23 Dostia Barwa
24 Fursatpur Chandrahiya
25 Gamhariya Nawrangia
26 Gangia Dih Nawrangia
27 Garahia Amar Chatauni
28 Gulariya Kataha
29 Haraj Tola Lachhmipur Basman Pur
30 Harajpur Tikuliya
31 Harian Chhapra Amar Chatauni
32 Harkaina Ramgarhwa
33 Jamla Amar Chatauni
34 Jamunapur Nawrangia
35 Jhit Kahiya Barwa
36 Jhitkahiya Jhitkahia
37 Karmaula Barwa
38 Kataha Kataha
39 Lachhmipur Nawrangia
40 Lakhaura Nawrangia
41 Loknathpur Kataha
42 Loksa Amar Chatauni
43 Madhubani Madhubani Ghat
44 Mahamud Nagar Ramgarhwa
45 Mahangua Ram Singh Chhatauni
46 Mahangua Tola Birtia Ram Singh Chhatauni
47 Malkaunia Ramgarhwa
48 Nandpur Ramgarhwa
49 Naurangia Nawrangia
50 Pataura Tola Bhataha Pataura
51 Pataura Tola Gorhwa Gorhwa
52 Pataura Tola Lala Pataura
53 Pataurra Tola Mathia Gorhwa
54 Paterhwa Amar Chatauni
55 Patparia Hal Ram Singh Chhatauni
56 Patparia Moran Ram Singh Chhatauni
57 Ramgarhwa Ramgarhwa
58 Ratra Chaunr Ramgarhwa
59 Ray Singha Ram Singh Chhatauni
60 Rulahi Rulahi
61 Rup Dih Amar Chatauni
62 Said Nagar Amar Chatauni
63 Santpur Basman Pur
64 Sarsaula Barwa
65 Semra Ramgarhwa
66 Sihulia Ramgarhwa
67 Sirsa Khap Sirsa Mal
68 Sirsamal Sirsa Mal
69 Sirsia Tola Shiwnagar Urf Dich Sirsa Mal
70 Suraha Ramgarhwa
71 Tharghatwa Tikuliya
72 Tikuliya Tikuliya