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A warm welcome to the originating place of Champaran satyagrah (Quest for truth) started by our beloved BAPU (Mohan Das KaramChand Gandhi). Motihari (pronounced as : Moti-Hari) also known as Bapudham Motihari is renowned name in the state Bihar for its prosperous education facilities and as witness of many historic events. Located almost 120 KM from Patna (Capital of Bihar), it comes under Tirhut divison constituted as a municipality in year 1869, Motihari is head quarter of District East Champaran.

Motihari is a remarkable name in history for 'Satyagraha Aandolan'.

Satyagrah Movement and Motihari

Satyagraha movement was started by Mahatma Gandhi from the land of Champaran in Bihar In April 1917, on the request of Rajkumar Shukla, Mahatma Gandhi went to Champaran and started the Satyagraha movement against the cultivation of neel. Satyagraha movement was the first mass movement done by Mahatma Gandhi in India.

Education in Motihari

Motihari has always been a cynosure of all of its nearby towns and villages for imparting quality education in state. For a neophyte to a consummate ,all can get the things which they look for boosting their career. Lets begin with the primary schooling.

Motihari has lots of primary schools which impart education upto 8th class. Not only the schools established at local levels,many country level organizations have also established their branches in Motihari.

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ApnaMotihari.Com is a famous and important website of Motihari and East Champaran where you can get complete information about this city and district. We started this website in the year 2010, when its name was Motihari, today it is also known by the name of Bapudham Motihari. But people still know this city as Motihari. On this website, we have collected information related to social, educational and tourism of Motihari.

ApnaMotihari.Com contains list of important government and private hospitals, educational institutions in East Champaran district, which the people of Motihari and East Champaran can search on the internet and take advantage of those services, if needed. Also on this website you will get a list of hotels and restaurants, which you can find as per your convenience and take advantage of it. We also constantly update this website so that the information of Motihari can reach as much information as possible.

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