Custom and culture of East Champaran

Tradition and Cuisines of East Champaran

Rich in cultural heritage the land of East Champaran , Festiveness is embed in the air of this place. Art , Dancing , Sculptures , Music , Festivals are some favorite Time pass for the people belonging to this place. Good thing is even the waves of western culture is dominating the whole INDIA , East champaran is quite tenacious in keeping his culture alive. Saree is still the famous wardrobe for ladies of this place. Touching feet of elders, Pouring water for rising SUN , Wearing KURTA PAIGAMA on festivals are some signature eastern culture which this place is carrying till now. Festivals are still celebrated with same enthusiasm with which it used to be celebrated a decade back.

Festivals celebrated in East Champaran

Our country has a tradition of festivals. From national festivals to social festivals, people come closer, they enjoy and forget their differences. Festivals break the tension of our day-to-day life. In East Champaran there is a large list of festivals and people celebrate them with full happiness.

Chhatth Puja or Dalla Chhatth

Chatth Puja is one of the important festivals celebrated in East Champaran. This festival is also a famous in whole Bihar. This is the only festival in which the setting sun is worshipped. East Champarians celebrate this festival with immense faith. Chhatth Puja is celebrated twice a year. First one is in Chaitra (March) and another one in Kartik (November).This is a 4 day festival, for which people mainly women maintain cleanliness and purity from even a month ahead. They sing folk songs in the honour of ‘Chatti Maiyya’ and ‘Surya Dev’ and the sweetness of the songs makes you also devoted. Women fast for the good of their family and the society.


This festival is celebrated especially in Mithila during the winter season. People of East Champaran also celeberate this festival. The festival Sama-Chakva is celebrated when the colorful birds from the Himalayas mountain migrate from there. The people dedicate this festival to the brother-sister relationship.

Ram Navami

Ram Navami is a famous Hindu festival which is celebrated with full happiness in all parts of the country. This is the very auspicious day when Lord Rama was born.


Teej is a women’s festival which is celebrated with joy and happiness.Hartalika Teej falls in the month of 'Bhadra'. It is a three-day festival which is celebrated by women in honor of Goddess Parvati. On this day, women-folk keep fast for long and conjugal life of their husband. Hartalika Teej fast aheads without drinking water. By praying to Maa Parvati (Godess Parvati) on this festival, women (married woman) are get blesses with long life of their husband.


Id is the festival of muslims, they celeberate this festival with same happiness as hindu celebearte holi or diwali.


It is also a famous festival among the muslims of East Champaran. The festival is celeberated in the honour of Pagambar Saheb birthday.
Basant Panchami, Holi, Shivratri, Raksha Bandhan, Durga Puja, Bhiaya Dooj, Deepawali, Chitragupt Puja, Buddha Purnima, Bakrid, sabebarat, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha ,Muharram, Christmas are some major festivals which are celebrated with full happiness. Besides these festivals a sarwani mela is held in the month of Sarwan (August). The mela (fair) is held in Areraj, which is a great holy place.

Cuisines of East Champaran

People of East Champaran are vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. The main food of East Champaran comprises of bhat (rice), dal, roti, tarkari and achaar (pickle). The traditional cooking medium is mustard oil. Another popular meal for most people in East Champaran is Khichdi, which is a broth of rice and lentils seasoned with spices and is served with several types of achaars (pickles). Kadhi-bari is also a famous food item among the people of East Champaran. East Champaran offers a large variety of sweets.

Famous cuisines of East Champaran

Chhena Murki, Motichoor ka Ladoo, Kala Jamun, Kesaria Peda, Khaja, Khurma, Pua, Mal Pua, Thekua, Murabba, Tilkut
Traditional salted snacks popular in East Champaran are Chiwra, Litti, Makhaana, Sattu

Folk Music and Songs

East Champaran has a very old tradition of beautiful folk songs. These songs are sung during important family occasions, such as marriage, birth ceremonies, festivals, etc. The folk songs are sung mainly in group using Dholak, and sometimes Tabla and Harmonium are also used. East Champaran’s folk songs are performed at various events in our life. Such as 'Sohar' ( a type of folk song) is sing on the occasion of a child birth. 'Sumangali' is performed on wedding ceremony. Some of the other famous folk songs are Nirgun, Samdaun, purbi, Hori, Chaita, Pachra, Bidesia, Birha, Jhumar, Kajari.

Holi Dance

Holi is a festival of color which is celebrated with full happiness in whole country. According to hindi calendar Holi is the first day of year. In East Champaran as well as in whole Bihar people sing folk songs on Holi and they dance together in groups with full happiness on different musical instruments such as Jhal-Manjeera, Dholak etc.

Jhumeri Dance

Jhumeri Dance is the specialization of East Champaran. It is very similar to "Garva of Gujrat". This dance is mainly performed by married women; especially this is a folk dance of Mithilanchal. When the sky is clear in the month of Kartik and when full-moon spreads rays on earth then married women in love begins singing, dancing in turn of the season. The hilarious words of this folk dance are – "Kartik Maas na Aakashey Badari"