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Rajgir in Bihar | Information about Rajgir |


About Rajgir

Rajgir is an antiquated city in the upper east Indian province of Bihar and is located around 60 km southeast of the capital Patna. It comes under Nalanda district. Rajgir is celebrated for rock-cut caverns, strongholds, Buddhist remains, shell engravings, Hindu and Jain temples and Muslim burial places. The spot is all around associated with different pieces of Bihar and eastern India through railroad and streets.

Rajgir in History

Rajgir was previously the capital of the realm of the powerful Magadh domain and was referred to by different names like Vasumati, Barhdrathpura, Girivraja, Kusagrapura, and Rajgriha.

Culture of Rajgir

Rajgir, however little zone savvy, is a significant journey community for three of the religions of India, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. There are journey destinations of every one of these religions in the town.

The Rajgir Mahotsav is held each year from October 24 to 26. Old style dance, people dance, music, and workmanship exhibitions are coordinated during this celebration.

Bodh Gaya, where Buddha got edification is around 34 km off Rajgir and associated through a decent organization of streets.

Tourist Attraction

Significant vacation destinations here are the Maha Bodhi Temple, where under a pipal tree, Buddha got his edification, and cloisters worked by various Buddhist nations. Twelve kilometers from Rajgir is Nalanda, which was a place for saints and monks. It was converted into an university in fifth century AD and stayed the best seat of learning for more than 700 years.

How to reach Rajgir?

  • Via Air - The closest air terminal for Rajgir is Patna. There are ordinary trips for Delhi, Calcutta, Varanasi, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Katmandu from this air terminal. The closest worldwide air terminal is Calcutta.
  • By Rail - Rajgir is on a branch line of Eastern Railway and there are every day trains to Patna and different places close by.
  • By Road - There are standard transports from Patna, Nalanda, Gaya, and Bodhgaya to Rajgir. One can orchestrate guided visit bundles to Rajgir from Patna.

Best places to visit in Rajgir

  • Vishwa Shanti Stupa
  • Pandu Pokhar
  • Brahm Kunda (Rajgir Hot Springs)
  • Swarna Bhandar
  • Ashoka Stupa Peak
  • Maniyar Math
  • Jarasandha ka Akhara

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