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One of the oldest living cities in India, Patna, the capital of Bihar. Patna stands on the banks of River Ganges, gladly supporting in its heart the city's legacy, enthusiasm and culture. A clamoring city with old areas, Patna's legacy ranges across two centuries.

A focal point for different religions, the city was the capitals of a various dynasties, and in this way brags a secret stash culture and customs. Patna holds its noteworthy appeal, and vestige murmurs at each corner emphasizd by a lively mix of a huge number of societies - Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Jain and Sikh.

How to reach Patna?

By Air

Patna is well connected with Indian metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta by air route. Patna airport is known as Jay Prakash Narayan Airport.

By Road

Patna can be reached by road transports worked by BSTDC and other private organizations from urban areas like Bodhgaya (about 111km), Bhagalpur (about 236km), Allahabad (about 390km), Varanasi (about 282km) and Ranchi (about 323km).

By Rail

Patna has various railway stations like Danapur (DNR), Patna Junction (PNBE), Rajendra Nagar Bihar (RJPB), Patna Saheb (PNC), Pothahi (PFT) that are associated with metro cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata.

Visiting Places in Patna

The capital city of Bihar is one of the nation's rapid developing urban areas. In the wake of latest boom in land advancement, consistently molding Patna's infrastructure for additional travel industry, here's some of the the most energizing destinations and visiting places that may be great and energizing for you.


Golghar, a great architectural milestone of Patna, inspires wonder and a ton of interest. This historic domed construction toward the west of the Gandhi Maidan was built by Captain John Garstin in year 1786, as a storehouse for the British Army. The designer was likely motivated by Stupa engineering and shockingly utilized columns to help its 29m of hieght and 125m breadth.

Climbing the winding flight of stairs around the Golghar, when utilized for stacking and dumping, guarantees brilliant all encompassing perspectives on the city and the Ganges River.

Mahavir Mandir or Patna Hanuman Mandir

Right outside Patna Junction, Mahavir Mandir, otherwise called Hanuman mandir, is a prime visiting place in Patna. It was previously a uninspiring little construction, and acquired prominence with approaching Hindu exiles following the partition of India in the 40s. The current design was raised in 1987 with a particular pioneer take on conventional themes.

Engineering anyway isn't the proportion of its significance however much the dedication it pulls in. Twisting lines of visitors on Saturdays and Tuesdays, the worship of Lord Hanuman, this temple you must visit in Patna.

Sri Patna Sahib

Arriving at Takht Sri Patna Sahib – a Gurdwara or Sikh center of worship, acclaimed for being based on the site of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's origination – is an undertaking in itself. Exploring through the tight roads and clogged traffic of Patna's downtown area, you'll in the end arrive at this impressive eighteenth century thoughtful castle of white marble on the banks of the Ganges, inviting travelers and pilgrims the same.

On the off chance a few hours of quietness aren't sufficient, pilgrims are welcome to remain the evening, similar to the custom with Sikh sanctuaries, in a contiguous housing complex.

Nalanda University

Amazing red block facades and stupas gladly remain on the site of what was the longest running college in Indian history. It was set up by Buddhist priests in 450C and is thought to have obliged more than 10,000 understudies and facilitated Buddha Siddhartha himself.

All that remains today are ruins spread across a region of 14 hectares, sufficient space to appreciate the quiet environmental factors. At approximately 80 kilometers from Patna city and effectively open by transport, there are not many better approaches to go through a gutsy roadtrip.

Patna Museum

A green nursery and is an ideal spot to reflect and furthermore find out about the fabulous history of the city. It was built during the British period, the gallery houses a stunning assortment of Mauryan and Gupta stone figures, some excellent bronze Buddhist sculptures and mid nineteenth century scene artistic creations by Thomas and William Daniells.

Situated on a 13.5 acre of land plot, it has a display zone of 9,500 sq m, with various areas like the Orientation exhibition, the Children's gallery, History exhibitions and one on the Bihari diaspora.

The grand structure worths a visit by its own doing. The genuine fortunes of the collection, notwithstanding, incorporate a fossil of a tree said to date in excess of 200 million years, a coffin unearthed from the Stupa of Vaishali supposedly containing the cinders of Gautama Buddha.

Gandhi Ghat

While there are a many ghats on River Ganges in Patna, the Gandhi Ghat is the most famous. Every Weekend, the ghat wakes up as the evening arti of the river is held here. Priests wearing saffron robes, play out the arti, alongside prayers and tunes. It is an incredible spot from which to absorb the serene rhythms of the stream and notice a bona fide cut of Indian reality.

Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan (Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park)

First built as a botanical garden in 1969, this generally famous of green regions among Patna residents joins huge open spaces containing in excess of 300 types of trees, spices, and bushes, just as one of the country's biggest zoos. It is an ideal spot to assemble for picnics, or basically to go for a stroll through indoor orchid houses and rose nurseries.

The Zoo is somewhat broad and especially all around continued, highlighting in excess of 800 creatures from about 100 species, including hippos, tigers, Himalayan bears and uncommon rearing sets of Indian Rhinos.

Gandhi Maidan

A rambling ground at the center of the city, spread across 62 acre of land, the Gandhi Maidan is Patna's most well known milestone. It was here that Mahatma Gandhi held his prayer gatherings, when he visited the city.

Today, encircled by a bustling business sector territory, offices and hotesl, it hosts exhibitions, fairs and political meetings consistently.

A sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi, after whom the ground is named, remains towards the south of Gandhi Maidan. The Republic Day and Independence Day ceremony are held here.

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