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Nalanda in Bihar | Information about Nalanda |


Information about Nalanda City

Nalanda was an antiquated Mahavihara, a venerated Buddhist religious community which additionally filled in as an eminent centre of learning, in the old realm of Magadha (modern day Bihar) in India. The Archeological Survey of India completed efficient unearthings for around 20 years, beginning in around 1915-1916.

The university of Nalanda acquired huge acclaim, renown and pertinence in ancient time.

Nalanda was annihilated multiple times however was reconstructed just twice.

It was destroyed by army of the Mamluk Dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate under Bakhtiyar Khalji in 1200 CE.

History of Nalanda City

Fa-Hien and Hsuan Tsang, the Chinese voyagers, give point by point portrayals of Nalanda Mahavihara.

As per the Tang Dynasty Chinese traveler, Xuanzang, it comes from two words Nalam meaning lotus and da significance to give.

Buddhist priest who visited the city in the seventh century AD, left definite depictions about how a serpent was the motivation behind the name of the city. The city is also known as the origin of Sariputra, a devotee of Lord Buddha.

Nalanda was at first a prosperous town by a significant shipping lane that went through the close by city of Rajagriha (current Rajgir) which was then the capital of Magadha.

Under the support of the Later Gupta and Pala rulers, Nalanda got researchers and understudies from across the world.

Custom and Culture of Nalanda

Magadhi and Hindi language are spoken in Nalanda city.

Places to visit in Nalanda

Close to the university ruins, there are a few stupas, cloisters, sanctuaries and chaityas which were worked by the Gupta Kings, Ashoka and Harshavardhana. The Great Stupa, the Nalanda Archeological Museum and the Nalanda Multimedia Museum are another attractions in Nalanda.

  • Incredible Stupa
  • Nalanda Archeological Museum
  • Nalanda Multimedia Museum
  • Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall
  • Nav Nalanda Mahavihara

Nearby places to visit

After visiting in the city of Nalanda, travelers can easily go and roam some nearby town/ city.

Bihar Sharif (12 KM), Rajgir (12 KM) , Pawapuri (26 KM)

How to arrive at Nalanda?

Via train

The closest railway station is at Rajgir, around 12 km away. One can take a taxi from the station to arrive at their desired place in Nalanda city very easily.

By Road

Nalanda is simple reachable by road from the famous places :Rajgir - 12km, Bodh Gaya - 50km, Patna - 90km, Pawapuri - 26km

Via air

Loknayak Jayaprakash Airport (Patna) would be the most advantageous one to make it to the consecrated city of Nalanda. Patna is just 90 KM from this city. It interfaces with fundamental urban areas of India like Kolkata, Bangalore, Jaipur, Mumbai, New Delhi and a lot more by day by day flights.

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