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Gaya in Bihar | Information about Gaya |


About Gaya

Gaya is a blessed city alongside the Falgu River, in the upper east Indian province of Bihar. It's known for eighteenth century Vishnupad Mandir, a riverside sanctuary with an octagonal place of worship.

Gaya is found 100 kilometers from the capital city of Patna. Verifiably, Gaya was the piece of the old Magadh Empire.

Three slopes Mangala-Gauri, Shringa-Sthan, Ram-Shila and Brahmayoni encompass it from three sides and make at a protected and delightful site. Gaya is an old spot and has incredible legacy and history.

Gaya has significant rail,road, and air links and is a territorial center of business. The city is a journey place visited by a huge number of Hindu pilgrims every year.

Gaya in ancient History

Gaya has its notice in the extraordinary legends of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Maa Sita, the wife of Lord Rama is considered to have scourged the Phalgu River of which is an enormous stretch of sand rises. As indicated by the legends, Maa Sita had performed Pind Daan for Lord Rama's father king Dasharatha.

How to reach Gaya?

  • Via Air: The city has its own airport which is associated with the significant urban areas of India and foreign countries. Visitors can likewise arrive at Gaya by getting down at Patna Airport, around 105 km away.
  • By Rail: The nearest railway station is Gaya itself and every one of the main trains of India goes through this rail line station. From that point one can take a taxi or a transport to the ideal spot.
  • By Road: Gaya is all around associated with urban areas of India by astounding motorable roads. Continuous transport administrations are effectively accessible from a couple of urban communities including Varanasi, Kolkata, Patna, Jamshedpur, Kanpur and numerous others.

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