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About Supaul District (Supaul Jila)

Supaul district is one of the 38 districts of Bihar state, India, and Supaul town is the headquarter of this district. There are mainly 11 blocks in Supaul district. There are 4 sub-divisions in this district - Supaul Sadar, Birpur, Triveniganj, Nirmali. Supaul is all around connected to different cities by road as two major highways go through it to be specific 106 and 57. NH57 interfaces it to significant cities like Silchar, Gauhati Siliguri, Forbesganj, Mujjafarpur, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad.

Famous places in Supaul Dsitrict

# Place Name Advertisement
1 Birpur Advertisement in Birpur
2 Nirmali Advertisement in Nirmali
3 Supaul Advertisement in Supaul

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