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About Khagaria District (Khagaria Jila)

Khagaria district is a regulatory district in the territory of Bihar in India. The district headquarter is situated at Khagaria. Prior it was a part of Munger District.

It was declared a district on 10 May 1981.

Khagaria district includes two sub-divisions - Khagaria and Gogri

Khagaria district has been isolated into 7 squares -

Alauli ,Khagaria ,Chautham ,Mansi ,Gogri ,Beldaur ,Parbatta

Mother Durga's temple is arranged in sanhouli, adjoining Khagaria city for quite a long time. Countless pilgrims perform worships here.

Famous places in Khagaria Dsitrict

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1 Gogri Jamalpur Advertisement in Gogri Jamalpur
2 Khagaria Advertisement in Khagaria

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