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About Kaimur District (Kaimur Jila)

Kaimur district is one of the 38 districts of Bihar. The district headquarter is situated at Bhabua. Kaimur district was set up on 17 March 1991 when it was separated from Rohtas district. It was called Bhabua district until 1994.

This district has all out 1700 villages.

Kaimur district is partitioned into 11 squares, gathered into 2 subdivisions, based at Bhabua and Mohania.

Languages spoken here are Hindi and Bhojpuri chiefly. Because of its nearness to eastern Uttar Pradesh, individuals here have Purvanchali style in their language.

Famous places in Kaimur Dsitrict

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1 Anwari Advertisement in Anwari
2 Bhabua Advertisement in Bhabua
3 Ramgarh Advertisement in Ramgarh

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