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About Gaya District (Gaya Jila)

Gaya - A place of salvation

Gaya is one of the noted districts of Bihar. Gaya city is the headquarter of this district. This district was established on 3rd October 1865. From tourism point of view this district is very important in Bihar. Gaya dsitrict has 4 sub-divisions and 24 blocks including Bodh Gaya.

  • Headquarter: Gaya
  • Total Area: 4,976 km2
  • Places to Visit: Durgeshwari Temple, Muchalinda Lake, Maa Mangal Gauri Mandir, Surya Kund, Sujata Temple, Bodh Gaya, Rajgir
  • River(s): Falgu

Gaya district has great importance in history, it is also mentioned in great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Its importance has not diminished even in the modern era. People from different regions of Bharat (India) come here for Pind-Daan. Although people keep coming here throughout the year, but Pind-Daan (Sradh or Shradh) is considered appropriate at the time of Pitripaksh (September-October), due to which there is a lot of crowd in this period.

Vidhan Sabha in Gaya District, Bihar

Gurua, Sherghati, Imamganj, Barachatti, Bodh Gaya, Gaya Town, Tikari, Belaganj, Atri and Wazirganj are vidhan sabha in Gaya district.

How to reach Gaya?

Gaya is an important district, so going here is not a difficult task. Gaya or Bodh Gaya airport is an international airport. Since Gaya is a Buddhist pilgrimage center, normal flights continue from here to Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand. Bus services from major cities of Bihar continue to Gaya. Gaya is about 115 kilometers from the capital Patna.

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