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About Buxar District (Buxar Jila)

Buxar district (Buxar Jila), one of the 38 districts of the state of Bihar, has its headquarter in Buxar. Buxar district comes under Patna division which is one of the 9 divisions of Bihar. In ancient times, Buxar was also known by the names Tapovan, Chatrath, Vedgarbhapuri, Karush and Siddhashram. Buxar district lies on the border of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
In 1991, Buxar was separated from Bhojpur district and declared a new district of Bihar state. Before this, Buxar was a sub-division of Bhojpur district. Presently, Buxar district has 2 sub-divisions (Buxar and Dumraon) and 11 blocks.

It is said that Ahilya, the wife of Gautama Rishi came in human form from a stone by the touch of the holy feet of Lord Rama. This place is 6 kilometers away from Buxar and people know this place as Aharauli.

Vidhan Sabha in Buxar District, Bihar

Brahampur, Buxar, Dumraon, Rajpur are vidhan sabha in Buxar district.

Battle of Buxar

The battle of Buxar (Buxar ki ladai or Buxar ka yudh) took place in the year 1764 between The East India Company and Mir Qasim (Nawab of Bengal). The East India Company won in this war. The battle took place near a fort in Buxar, which is about 130 km away from the capital Patna. After the end of the war of Buxar, Robert Lord Clive made a treaty of Allahabad with the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam-II and Nawab Shujaoudaula.

How to reach Buxar?

To reach Buxar, you can take a rail, road or air route. Gaya (154 KM) and Patna (170 KM) are approximately equal distance from Buxar. Buxar is also well connected by rail route. In this way, all three routes, road, rail and air can be used to reach Buxar.

Famous places in Buxar Dsitrict

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1 Buxar Advertisement in Buxar
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3 Sarimpur Advertisement in Sarimpur

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