Complete information about Motihari City

Motihari, the headquarter of district East Champaran, a well-known district in state of Bihar. Motihari is situated near the border of Nepal, and 165 Kilometers from Patna, the capital city of Bihar. It is around 80 KM from Muzaffarpur and 45 Kilometers from Bettiah (District headquarter of West Champaran).

Prior to 1st Dec 1977, there was a single district called "Champaran". On 1st Dec 1977, the district was divided into 2 parts called (Purvi Champaran) East Champaran and (Paschimi Champaran) West Champaran. Bettiah became the headquarter of West Champaran and Motihari became headquarter of the East Champaran district.

The geographical boundaries of Motihari are as follows -

  • North - Nepal is in the Northern direction of Motihari.
  • Souht - Muzaffarpur is in the south of Motihari.
  • East - Sitamarhi and Sheohar is in eastern direction.
  • West - Gopalganj touches the western part of Motihari.

Climate of Motihari

The weather of Motihari remains the same as in other cities of North India.

  • Spring -The month of February and March is the pleasant season of the year. There are warm days and cool nights in these months.
  • Summer - For Motihari, April to June are the hottest months in the year.
  • Rainy - July to September are rainy (Monsoon) season in Motihari.
  • Winter - The effect of winter in Motihari lasts from October to January month.

How to Reach Motihari?

Motihari is one of the famous cities of Bihar. If you want to reach here from any corner of Bihar, then it is very easy for you. By the way, there is no rail route from capital city Patna to Motihari. However, if you want to come to Motihari by road, then NH-27 connects Motihari to Patna, from which you can reach Motihari from Patna in 4 hours. You can use the rail route to come to Hajipur from Patna and then reach Motihari from there.

If you are looking for possibilities of coming to Motihari from outside Bihar, then also you will not have any problem.

By Air route to Motihari

The nearest airport to Motihari is in Patna, the capital of Bihar, which is about 150 kilometers away. There are daily flights to Patna from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bangalore, Chennai. You can reach Patna by air, and from there you can reach Motihari via the road route by taxi or bus.

By Rail Route to Motihari

Many superfast and express trains from cities like New Delhi and Mumbai pass through Motihari. Some trains run on a daily basis and some trains run a couple of days in a week. Some of the main trains connecting New Delhi to Motihari are as follows

  • SaptKranti Superfast (12557/ 12558)
  • Champaran Hamsafar Exp
  • Sadbhawna Exp
  • PBR Motihari Exp
  • MFP Garibrath
Some of the main trains connecting Mumbai (Bombay) to Motihari are as follows
  • LTT-RXL Antyodaya Exp
  • Avadh Express
Local trains run daily to Motihari from other places of Bihar like Samastipur, Hajipur, Muzaffarpur, Raxaul with which millions of people travel daily.

Why Motihari railway station was renamed as Bapudham Motihari?

The Motihari railway station is renamed as Bapudham Motihari to esteem Mahatma Gandhi. If you go to the railway booking site, the name of this city will be shown by Bapudham Motihari, whose code is BMKI.

After all, why was it named Bapudham Motihari? Does this city have any relationship with our Father of the Nation (Mahatma Gandhi) ? Yes, when Satyagraha movement was started by Mahatma Gandhi in the freedom struggle, it started from this holy land of Motihari. And in this way Motihari's name became forever associated with Mahatma Gandhi and India's freedom struggle. As a tribute to Gandhiji, the name of this city was changed from Motihari to Bapudham Motihari.
Whether it is Gandhi museum or Gandhi memorial or Gandhi Chowk, in Motihari, you will find things associated with Mahatma Gandhi. A train runs from Porbandar (Gujarat) to Motihari, which you can call a train from Bapu's Janam Bhoomi to Karam Bhoomi, Porbandar which is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Motihari from where Gandhi Ji laid the foundation of the freedom struggle.

Motijheel - A scenic lake in Motihari city

Motijheel is the center of Motihari and also this beautiful and small lake divides the city into two parts. There is a bridge on this lake which serves to connect the two parts of the city. You can see the sight of boating in this lake anytime. On this bridge there are open markets of cloths, fish, plastic items which are available at low cost.

Markets in Motihari

Motihari has some famous markets which are known for their special type of shops.

  • Meena Bazaar is a hub for all types of market, i.e. electronics, cloths, kitchen items, fruits, vegetables etc. Most of the showrooms of branded companies are available in Meena Bazaar of Motihari.
  • Balua Bazaar another local and famous market of Motihari is Balua Bazar. In this market, you will find all kinds of small and big shops. Balu Golambar is a famous landmark here.
  • Hindri Bazaar, a huge and an old market in Motihari. In this market, all types of grains, pulses, spices and many other household items are available at the whole sale rate. Whether it is a wedding or a any kind of party, people come to this market to buy household goods in bulk at cheaper cost.

The History of Motihari is very interesting. Click Here to read more about History of Motihari.

Cinema Halls in Motihari

Although there is no big cinema hall like big cities in Motihari, but still there are some cinema halls to entertain the people here.

  • Payal
  • Sangeet
  • Chitramandir
  • Madhav

Education in Motihari

Let's move to the education system in Motihari. Motihari is the second choice for students after Patna in Bihar. Motihari has numerous number of coachings, tuition centers, colleges with high quality of education. Munshi Singh college, L.N.D. College, Zila School, Mangal Seminary are some government institutions which are the first choice of students of Motihari after 10th class (Matriculation). A more details about Education in Motihari are here.

Motihari at a Glance

Let us now look at some of the important points of Motihari city.

Area 3968.0 Sq. KM (East Champaran)
STD Code 06252
Pin Code 845401
Longitude ---
Latitude ---
District Magistrate Sri Shirsat Kapil Ashok
SP Shri Naveen Chandra Jha
DSP ---
Mayor ---
Vehicle Code BR-05
Nearest Airport Patna
Nearest Railway Station Bapudham Motihari(BMKI)
Main Highlights Motijheel, Shiv Mandir(Areraj), Lauriya,Bodh Stup, Areraj Someshwar Nath Mandir

Blocks in Motihari

There are total 6 blocks in Motihari.